Gathering of Allies

Gathering of the Allies
Friday Sept 14th, 10am - Sunday 16th, 12pm, 2018
Nova Earth Institute Studio
Boulder, CO, USA

As children we knew in our bones we occupy a far larger ecosystem than we were taught to believe exists.   A vast universe in which everything is alive and we can participate as equals. 

The Gathering of Allies is a kind of homecoming. A time when those who have been touched by the creations we call Allies come together to explore and deepen the experience of participation in a rich new world.

We are learning to embody our human capacity to be creators on a level previously incomprehensible, and to practice that in community. 

The Gathering:

  • Deepen - your participation in the ecosystem.  

  • New Allies - are ready to emerge, let’s do it together.

  • Heal and Catalyze - these energies are a potent opportunity. 

  • Contribute - your voice, thoughts, dreams, expertise and passion to the greater ecosystem.

  • Community - be a foundational part. 

  • The Chronicle Project - collecting the incredible stories and preserve a history in the making. 

  • Time together - How sweet! How rare. How nourishing, funny, irreverent and inspirational. 

Price includes meals Lunch Friday to Sunday. Accommodations and travel not included. 

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