Nova Earth Institute Sangha Membership

A community of practice for people devoted to the creation of a beautiful New Earth through personal transformation. 

This group is both container and catalyst for higher order embodiment work. It emphasizes relationship and values the richness of a collective, diverse field of creation. Due to the crucial role of sangha in collective transformational work, this is required for participation in Nova Earth programs. 

Full Member

  • Access to all NEI transformational programs 
  • Special member pricing on public programs and private sessions
  • Monthly sangha video call
  • Online Forum
  • Scholarship fund, endowments
  • $108/mo or $1200/yr

Public Programs

Embodiment Intensive

The Foundational Instrument - 21 Days
Multidimensional - Multicultural - International - Intergenerational

The EI is celebrating 10 years as flagship program for next generation embodiment!

April 21 - May 12,  2019

  • Workshop - Sundays 11am MST (7pm CET) (recorded)
  • Group practice - Thursdays 11am ( 7pm CET) and 6pm MST (recorded)
  • Private session  - Check in with program leaders
  • Online Group
  • Workshop and practice recordings
  • Daily videos
  • Book and journal
  • Intro for new participants - April 21, 10-11am MST (6-7pm CET)
  • $699/$499 members or $250 deposit, remainder billed April 19

The EI has a new form! - It has metabolized the past decade of research and experience to focus on the Instrument of Transformation  that emerged as the primary aspect. The EI leverages the catalytic field of the collective to provide a rich and deeply nourishing container for healing and transformation. 

Grounded in a thorough review of dietary and lifestyle practice integrating traditional practices with emergent biochemistry and many cycles of direct experience, this is a ideal program for cleanse veterans seeking the next level of personal practice with the support of a group.

Bring your own protocols or begin with the foundational EI system. For those new to deep dietary work it is recommended to begin with the EI protocols. This is deep and powerful work and typically takes several cycles to master. 

Gathering of Allies

Friday Sept 14th, 10am - Sunday 16th, 12pm, 2018
Nova Earth Institute Studio
Boulder, CO, USA

As children we knew in our bones we occupy a far larger ecosystem than we were taught to believe exists.   A vast universe in which everything is alive and we can participate as equals. 

The Gathering of Allies is a kind of homecoming. A time when those who have been touched by the creations we call Allies come together to explore and deepen the experience of participation in a rich new world.

We are learning to embody our human capacity to be creators on a level previously incomprehensible, and to practice that in community. 

The Gathering:

  • Deepen - your participation in the ecosystem.  
  • New Allies - are ready to emerge, let’s do it together.
  • Heal and Catalyze - these energies are a potent opportunity. 
  • Contribute - your voice, thoughts, dreams, expertise and passion to the greater ecosystem.
  • Community - be a foundational part. 
  • The Chronicle Project - collecting the incredible stories and preserve a history in the making. 
  • Time together - How sweet! How rare. How nourishing, funny, irreverent and inspirational. 

Price includes meals Lunch Friday to Sunday. Accommodations and travel not included.