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Gathering of Allies

2018 Gathering of the Allies

2018 Gathering of the Allies

Thursday August 22nd, 4pm - Sunday 25th, 1pm, 2018
Nova Earth Institute Studio
Boulder, CO, USA

As children we knew in our bones we occupy a far larger ecosystem than we were taught to believe exists.   A vast universe in which everything is alive and we can participate as equals. 

The Gathering of Allies is a kind of homecoming. A time when those who experience art and creation as living Allies come together to explore and deepen the experience of participation in a rich new world. This is a self organized working gathering, not a hosted and facilitated retreat. A collaboration of creators coming together to participate, experience, learn and contribute as equals. If this is how you experience the world of creation be it art, therapy, education or leadership, please join us.

We are learning to embody our human capacity to be creators on a level previously incomprehensible, and to practice that in community. 

The Gathering:

  • Deepen - your participation in the ecosystem.

  • New Allies - are ready to emerge, let’s do it together.

  • Heal and Catalyze - these energies are a potent opportunity.

  • Contribute - your voice, thoughts, dreams, expertise and passion to the greater ecosystem.

  • Community - be a foundational part.

  • The Chronicle Project - collecting the incredible stories and preserve a history in the making.

  • Time together - How sweet! How rare. How nourishing, funny, irreverent and inspirational.

  • $750 - Price includes meals dinner Thursday to lunch Sunday. Accommodations and travel not included. Proceeds are applied toward funding the Allies Project.