Love and Fear

Hydrogen and oxygen dancing

Hydrogen and oxygen dancing

There are two states of existence. Love and Illusion.

Illusion has many analogs such as fear, despair, separation, broken. Love has none. It is only love. Everything else is illusion.

Humans are unique in that we are able to bridge worlds and states of existence. We live in the physical and the spiritual simultaneously. We form connections between places, people, ideas and states of being. We have the gift of free will to bring the potential of spirit into the actual of form. We are creators.

 The dance partner of Love is illusion in the form of Fear. When the two divine partners meet in the presence of a human something special happens. We humble, simple, common, amazing, wonderful beings somehow can receive both. Not to choose one and reject the other, but to combine and transcend them. We digest them, metabolize them and grow strong on the nourishment.

This is where we leave the world of opposites of which language is part. No words can take us here although they can lead us to the doorway in successively approximate and lyrical ways. This is the realm of Zen Koans and poetry. What comes of metabolizing love and it’s opposite defies description, but not knowing. And not representation. We call this Art. We also call it Presence.

These two dance partners are never far from each other. Always circling, always moving and shifting and relating. Shiva and Shakti Tango in the great mosh pit of manifestation. The experience of great fear is an indication of the presence of great love. If you are experiencing great amounts of either, you have both available and you have a great opportunity.  To receive these fundamental nutrients, metabolize them, transform them and offer them purified into creation. To grow. BEcome.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Quite literally. The power of creation. We experience it as sovereignty, health, prosperity, inspiration, art, connection… presence. All of these are words pointing to another word, presence, pointing to… that which has no words.

This is what we’re doing in the Embodiment work. It’s simple really, relating love and fear and our bodies and lives. Discussing experiences, shifting diets and lifestyle choices to heal, grow and adapt. Consciously choosing to trust the instrument of our own BEings and bring them to realization, expression, creation.

Simple. Fun. Powerfully healing, deeply meaningful. You are invited to join.