We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

The evolution of life follows certain natural laws and constants in which there are no accidents or unnecessary elements. We Humans with our free will and compassion are critical and brilliant aspects of the conscious ecosystem of the planet. The greatest changes in history are upon us and the time is now to become fully sovereign, fully realized and fully engaged in the creation of life on Earth. 

  We each have a calling, something that is so vital, unique and compelling that we can’t actually avoid it despite our best efforts. Lawrence’s calling is to help others find, activate and embody theirs. 

An extremely unique evolutionary coach, catalyst and teacher of the evolutionary path, Lawrence draws from a lifetime of study and practice and many lifetimes of real world experience to provide deeply penetrating insight and guidance.  His work is simultaneously grounded and luminous, heart centered and fearless. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lawrence works in private sessions both locally and remotely via phone or Skype to reveal, activate and cultivate the essential spark of the Divine Self.  

He is available for personal and group work as well as public speaking engagements and consulting. To work with Lawrence is to engage in a deep collaboration with him, the others on the path and most of all, your highest Self. The only true awakening is engaged awakening in community. Join Lawrence in a group program, workshop, intensive or retreat to step into your own awakening.