Transformational Leadership for a New World

We are now in this moment crossing the threshold of the greatest evolutionary leap in known history. For many, this is catalyzing a powerful, generative tension deep within the core of our beings. The fundamental need to radically evolve and to express our unique essence for the greater good.

Regardless of your livelihood or education, if you are feeling this deep motivation and are finding yourself supporting and inspiring others to do the same, you are a leader. This shift is planetary in scale and others look to you for inspiration, example and perhaps even guidance.

Lawrence specializes in the particular needs unique to those in intensive leadership roles such as teachers, therapists, artists, healers and medical practitioners to help them fully actualize so their evolution may effectively and joyfully contribute to the collective. 

True, embodied awakening is a collective experience and requires practice in community.

Welcome to a community for embodying what is true and possible in the good company of others.