Deep Guidance for Turbulent Times

I AM a transformational guide for people experiencing radical life change. 

I can help you navigate these rough evolutionary waters to find health and comfort in your own skin, and a new expression of who you are personally, professionally, spiritually. 

Our very Human existence can be a service to all of life,  and I believe our duty and privilege is to answer the call of our souls. 

Welcome to the journey. 



I offer many facets of support as you dive down the rabbit hole of your own life, and new skills to embody Truth. 

Your needs and nature are paramount, and I adapt to my methods to your process as you unfold your authentic Self. 

My approach is rooted in Spirit and woven of over 3 decades of practice and application of the threads of Energy Medicine, Meditation, Art, Yoga, and Nature to support the full spectrum of your emergence. 




Creation for the greater good

A deep mystic and builder of life, I delight in helping others come alive, awake, healthy and embodied. In supporting their burgeoning awareness and power to create and achieve their potential. 

My background as a certified energy medicine practitioner/teacher, global consultant for large scale cultural projects, meditator, leadership coach,  shamanic artist and professional educator has provided me with deep insight into the needs and nature of Creators - those who are built for building and motivated by devotion to a new world. 

Life is calling. 

Join me