the greatest opportunity

in all of human history.

Love is the essence
Humanity is good
Beauty is true
We are powerful beyond measure

I thrive in helping others become true creators and participants in this cosmic explosion of Life.
My work is to create a new world of pure, crystalline beauty that supports all of life. 


Work with Me

I AM a guide, mentor and champion of the True You. It is through living the creative process that we learn to become fully realized humans and create for the good of all beings. 

A mystic and builder, I specialize in the particular needs of professional creators, teachers, therapists, leaders and those committed to a devotional life.


A personal journey of radical growth.

Private work reflects the nature of the individual and their own awakening process and can range from structured developmental programs to dialog coaching to hands on energy work to deep presencing. 


Guidance and mentorship for organizations and projects.

Experience the creative synthesis of a deep background in large scale cultural project development, spiritual embodiment with visionary and strategic guidance. 


The playground and cauldron of collective creation.

The traditional Shamanic view is that all the phenomenal world is alive. A commissioned Ally is the direct experience of Spirit into Form, a collaborative adventure to awaken and catalyze your creative power and awareness. 




Transformational times

Never before have we simple humans had such opportunity to create. 

Three decades of experimentation and practice from meditation and teaching to producing and consulting are now revealing not a synthesis, but a revelation of the fundamental impulse that moves me. 

Creation for the greater good

A deep mystic and practical builder, I delight in helping others come alive, awake and embodied. In supporting their burgeoning awareness and power to create and achieve their potential. 

My background as a certified energy medicine practitioner/teacher, global consultant for large scale cultural projects, meditator, leadership coach,  shamanic artist and professional educator has provided me with deep insight into the needs and nature of Creators - those who are built for building and motivated by devotion to a new world. 

Life is calling

Join me