Crossing the Threshold

Guide, mentor and champion.

  • Lawrence's approach is quiet and gentle, yet strong and grounding. He creates an empowering space in which he not only works on your energies, but acts as a guide for you to work on them yourself.
    K.R. - Artist - NY
  • I have known Lawrence for nearly a decade and in that time he has grown into a true mentor. He has a cunning ability to tune into my individual needs.
    H.A. - Healer - Denver
  • I want to take this opportunity to let you know what a great experience your program has been for me. It has truly been life changing.
    L.B. - Holistic Health Consultant - Ohio
  • Within the context of healing, you're 100% present for people, which is rare. The "you" doesn't get in the way. In this, I think you're serving as a powerful vehicle for transformative energies.
    M.L. - Design Executive - Berlin
  • You were so skillful, gentle, and unassuming in your approach and guidance. Thank you again. I am in awe of what you do.
    M.K. - Healer - British Columbia
  • I really feel a joy in my spirit and my mind is so clear. Energy galore - and that is fabulous because I was exhaused all the time and getting nothing done. Love it!!!!
    R.E. - Lawyer - Ohio

It is through becoming our authentic Selves and living our own creative process that we become fully realized humans.  All who step through this portal of self realization are Creators: the leaders, healers and teachers of the new world. 

Being a creator in this world has certain requirements, ways of living that are different to others, and often inexplicable. These particular needs are my specialty. 

Spiritual Embodiment workshop, Vienna, Austria

Spiritual Embodiment workshop, Vienna, Austria


The personal journey of radical growth.

Sovereignty, creativity, health, recovery, awakening, embodiment. Private work reflects the nature of the individual and their own awakening process and can range from structured developmental programs to dialog coaching to hands on energy work and deep presencing.

Typical format is weekly or monthly sessions with a one year commitment. Professional training and personal retreats are also available upon request.

Cirque du Soleil's Zaia theater under construction, Macau, China S.A.R.

Cirque du Soleil's Zaia theater under construction, Macau, China S.A.R.


Guidance and mentorship for organizations and projects.

Experience the creative synthesis of a deep background in large scale cultural project development and spiritual embodiment with visionary and strategic guidance. Creative Direction, Organizational Mentorship, Feasibility and Strategy Assessments, Mediation, Expert Witness, Public Speaking and Team Building.

Transformation with Ally #2,  Järna, Sweden

Transformation with Ally #2,  Järna, Sweden


The alchemical playground of creation.

The traditional Shamanic view is that all the phenomenal world is alive. Commissioned works are not dead decorations of the Ego. They are living beings, Allies and doorways to an extraordinary awakening. Develop your own capacity to perceive all of life and participate in the great pan-dimensional awakening. 

This is the essence of Spirit into Form, a collaborative adventure to awaken and catalyze your creative power and awareness. We together evoke existence and you become the steward of a physical, embodied expression of power and life and grace.