Excellent Reasons why NOT do the Embodiment Intensive

People often ask me why to do this, I think a more relevant question is why not. I have answers. 

    1.    Your ego will hate you. Most of us have a love hate relationship with our rational, egoic selves. Given that the Ego is the necessary container of our ride here on Earth it’s critical to develop it to the point where it can be 100% in service to the full I AM presence that we truly are. The first stage of this can really piss it off and invite retaliation. You have been warned.

    2.    You will feel like crap. The beauty of detoxing is you get to experience what went in on it’s way out. Foods, thoughts, emotions, belief systems, client energies, family issues, past traumas, everything. The range of stench can be profound. Did I mention it’s a small room?

    3.    You will Heal. That get out of jail free card you carry for your back pain, lousy digestion, allergies chronic inflammation, joint pain, bad skin, raging judgement and self loathing? You’ll lose it. You might even lose the underlying pain itself and find ease and compassion instead. Then there’s nothing left but showing up.

    4.    Naked in Public. Even if it is a small and profoundly tight group of peers, you’ll still be essentially soul-naked in front of them. Truly seeing each other also means being seen and seeing yourself. Like everything in there? Of course not, that’s why you cover it up with that heavily reinforced character armor, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, pot and carbs.

    5.    Peers. You’ll be working with a small group of others just as crazy and emergent and devoted as you are. That thing that keeps you from being like the other children and having a normal life? Yeah, they have one too. At least one.

    6.    Alchemy. That means effort. Not the easy, heavy lifting kind, but the show up to the fullest kind. You get out of it what you put into it and you’re 100% responsible for your experience. No matter matter how deep, raw, awkward, vulnerable or just plain repulsive you feel, you have to face people that may just love you anyway.

    7.    No More Hiding from Growth. Not just the “wheeee I have a new job” type, but the fundamental transformation of your understanding of Self as true I AM presence. That means everything you built from the small self will be irrelevant and need to be replaced. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy. It’ll just implode. Probably all at once. While you’re still trying to use it.

    8.    Professional Alienation: Your ability to show up and be present for your clients, students and other relationships will vastly increase. This puts a huge distance between you and all other practitioners that haven’t gone to this depth. You will feel very left out of the crowd of mediocre healers projecting their own unhealed pain onto others unconsciously.

    9.    Privation. You will be without basic necessities such as pastries, coffee, whiskey, judgement, self hatred, loneliness and illusion for long enough to get used to it. You will definitely die without these things.

    10.    Enforced self care. 21 days of a systematic practice of pretending to value yourself in front of others can be excruciating. You might even begin to believe it yourself.

    11.    I AM. Eventually, you run out of energy, reasons and strategy for maintaining identification of yourself as an isolated and broken reject of society and begin to understand Your Self as a distinct expression of the Divine. An Infinite being of light. That’s when the trouble REALLY starts. You find out you have friends like this, and you’re not separate from them, and they know you for who your truly are and you have a precious place in the Becoming of Allthatis and it’s exactly what you thought was broken.

    12.    You can’t go back. No matter how hard you try to replicate and recreate your previous life, it doesn’t work. You’re stuck with the transformation. Forever. Deal.

Terrified? Me too. It starts Sunday.

If you want me to convince you, sell you on the benefits, the answer is no. You know the benefits, choose. Yes or no.

For all those who are magnetically drawn to this but don't think it's the right time: There is never a convenient time to come out of the chrysalis. At some point the desire to BEcome exceeds the pain of avoiding it and you do it. It's that simple. 

Convenience is antithetical to transformation.

The EI is an extremely potent way of expanding, stabilizing and integrating these wildly expansive energies. Avoiding the threshold will intensify the pressure.

If you need more pressure then by all means, wait as long as you feel is necessary. If you're trying to avoid the coming out party, waiting is what prolongs the madness and discomfort. You know this, but I thought I'd remind you because I'd like to ease your journey and maximize the benefit for all. The world needs you in your fullest to become new itself. 

There's a kind of magic that happens when we do this together. It's becomes a collective experience from which we can draw infinite support and add our own wisdom and experience for the greater good. Isn't that what it's all about? What we're here for?

If you think your ready for this, you're not. If you're nervous, scared or confused but willing to rise to the occasion then it's quite possible it's time to BEcome the brilliance you truly are.

If you cant afford it there is a payment plan and we may be able to help in other ways. contact info@lawrencekampf.com to discuss options.

Still think it's not time? Reserve your seat for the April session by paying the deposit and begin working toward it now.

Still wondering? If it wasn't what you needed you wouldn't be reading all the way to the end of this.